Monday, September 13, 2010

When I first set my eyes on you 第一眼

It was almost 20 years ago. My colleagues and I went up to the penthouse of Hotel Malaya to sign up for aerobic class. After a month, the instructors told us that they were moving over to another building several blocks away. They were offering social ballroom dancing too, which really got us interested.

One evening after work, we went to the new place as we were keen to learn how to cha- cha and tango. When I pushed back the door, the first person I saw was you. You were busy collecting fees from other students and issuing receipts to them before class started.

My first impressions of you were that you looked kind and honest. It was a face I have been waiting to meet all my life and it was here before me at last. You wore a long sleeved white shirt and long black pants. You were there to help out and it was a joy to dance with you although you looked so cool.

After several months and many classes, we were still total strangers although I really wish to get to know you better. I was disappointed that you remained distant. When my colleagues decided to stop going, I just followed too because I thought we were not meant for each other.

But Fate has other plans and a year later………..