Thursday, February 17, 2011

My family's reunion dinner for 2011

Every year my family used to have steamboat for reunion dinner. It is easy to prepare and saved a lot of time which I can used to do other work like house cleaning or making decorative items.

However, this year I decided to have something different. Enough of fishballs, squid or meatballs, my children said. So I opted for another favourite, the "Phun Choy" which was actually a big basin consisting of layers upon layers of delicious food such as prawns, Chinese sausages, roasted pork, steamed chicken, stewed mushrooms and blanched broccoli. A lot of work goes into preparing these food and then had them arranged into layers. There are altogether five layers. I chose five because it was a lucky number.

My family simply loved it. It goes well with red wine. Perhaps next year I will made another basin of "Phun Choy" again, with more exquisite food and more layers.