Saturday, October 16, 2010

Having fun with alphabet biscuits 英文字母

When my two children were very young, I used to buy them alphabet biscuits from the market or sundry shop. Kids loved to play with these biscuits and eat them.
I used these biscuits to introduce the English alphabets to my children. It was very simple. What I did was to arrange the alphabets, pointed at them and read them out loudly and clearly. My kids just followed. After reading each alphabet correctly, they popped that alphabet into their mouths!
Last week, my hubby saw these biscuits and bought some again for the kids. Now, they knew what to do without my supervision! They used the biscuits to spell out their names and even took the pictures of their work!
I am A L E X A N D R A and I am N I C H O L A S
 We R  A L E X I S and N I C K
Hahahaha…..My kids have definitely grown up!

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  1. hey, i forgotten about this type of biscuits..last time when i was small, the biscuits came in animal shapes.. very cute too!