Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Poetic Rhapsody 一瞬诗影

Han Fong Dance Troupe was formed in May 18th 2002 by Kuen Cheng High School Chinese Cultural Dance Club to promote Chinese dance locally, encompassing traditional, classical and contemporary Chinese dance. It provides an avenue for dancers to practice and hone their skills as well as performance opportunities.
This afternoon, Uncle Kelvin Li took both Nicholas and Alexandra to Panggung Dewan Bandaraya to attend a performance by Han Fong Dance Troupe called “A Poetic Rhapsody.” It was a great way to learn to appreciate Chinese art and culture, of which Uncle was a keen advocator.
All in, there were eleven dance pieces by the talented dancers under artistic director Justin Wong.
Among the pieces are Jiang Nan, Unbound, A Retreat at Xu Inn, The Spirits’ Lament, Court Ladies, Ripples, Home, Song of the Wanderer, Florid Sleeves, Longing and Dark Plum Blossoms.
Each piece was beautifully executed, much to the delights of the audience, comprising all ages. As the dancer moves with grace and agility on the stage, Chinese poems were projected on a giant screen. The dance steps and poems flows in perfect synchronize.
It was an evening well spent and both my children had a wonderful time. Thank you very much, Uncle!

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